I am interested in the stitched word: the point at which the visual, verbal and textural come together.  The inclusion of text both as a design element and a tool for communication opens up an inexhaustible area of expressive potential and allows me to experiment with wordplay through texture, pattern and colour, while exploring social and personal issues. I write my own material.

Impey’s work is a painstaking layering of cloth and stitch; a gentle and sometimes unsettling reworking of past events through needle and thread.  Trained as a journalist, Impey views words and narrative as implicit to quiltmaking: often constructed over a long period of time, every quilt is imbued with the experience of the maker.  By using text, the narrative “can become explicit as well.”
‘QUILTS 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories’. Victoria & Albert Museum
Edited by Sue Prichard, V&A Publishing, 2010